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Goddess of Light

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

There are times when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. At the time that I took this photo with the amazing photographer Dave Tong, I was living homeless in my car at a dead end street in Milpitas, CA. I guess that you can say that my life was at a dead end because of the outside circumstances the Covid-19 pandemic brought along with my own poor personal choices. I had almost no money, was dealing with health issues, and a failed relationship. Feeling like a loser, I decided to do a shoot at the Alviso Marina. I brought some dresses that I handmade and did my makeup at the public restroom located at the park. It was unexpectedly windy but I had nothing to lose. So we did the shoot with the weather conditions as is and then magic happened. I couldn't believe the breath-taking results and was even happier when the photos were featured in a popular style publication. No matter how difficult life can get, perseverance though pain can bring out the best in us. This collection of photos from that windy day is called Goddess of Light. The light that exists within us is the one that shines the brightest. Get the 8th Anniversary Issue of Style Equation Magazine to see the rest of the collection by clicking here. Bright like the sun, shine with all your might in the spiritual quintessence of the immortal soul in love, light, and luxury!

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