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The Past, Present, and Future is NOW

The idea of living forever can be daunting to think about. Immortality, the ability for one to live in a timeless existence, seems like an impossible reality. Why would a person even consider it? Time is simply an abstract concept that people measure events by. It is known as the 4th dimension and consists of a past, present, and future. In actuality, the only thing humans can clearly perceive is the moment of now as now is always happening. The photo taken by the talented photographer Rennis Kau represents the Triple Goddess and time as an integral factor of life. The three in one concept is found as a symbol of the atom with its proton, electron, and neutron structure and GOD as the generator, operator, and destroyer of life or in the Christian tradition as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Maya is the illusion of reality and time is the formless energy being constantly consumed as you live. Moving outside the invisible boundary of time is the journey to becoming immortal. The practice of meditation is where I personally find this place. In the still darkness of the mind, there is no time boundary. Here, I access the Akashic Record and download information from time itself to create poetry, fashion designs, dance choreography, and more. How do you define time and if you could live for 1000 years would you? However you spend your time, live it to the fullest in love, light, and luxury!

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