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The Original Sin

Do you believe in the idea of man's "Original Sin"? The idea that men and women are born sinners and throughout life we must clear this karmic debt by tithing to a church or religious faction, confess our darkest deeds to men of the cloth, and work hard to maintain a conformist society, seems incredibly heavy on the soul. Looking deeper into the meaning, one can find that the word "sin" is actually the ancient term for the moon, Earth's mysterious satellite. Lunar cycles were followed closely in ancient times and related to the goddess or divine feminine aspect of time were as the sun represented the divine masculine aspect. There are 13 lunations during a 365 day sun cycle and is considered an unlucky number in modern day. Women were highly respected spiritual leaders during the Sin Goddess worship and the crescent moon with the owl was a symbol of feminine wisdom, alike to the Greek goddess Artemis for example. I bought this pendant made of silver and abalone shell at Costco during a special jewelry exhibit for about $50.00. The world's social strife can come into balance once people release the suppression of the woman's role as leaders, healers, teachers, and more. Knowledge is power and its time to give the moon and feminine energies the respect it deserves as a part of creation. From the New Moon to the Full, you can light the way in the darkness of mankind's struggle of the "Original Sin" and live in love, light, and luxury!

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