The Immortal
Goddess of Luxury

Love, Light, and Luxury!

Ashanti Altovese Griffin, is a high-sensitive Earth Angel with the psychic abilities of empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, and telepathy with the gift of medium-ship. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, has career experience in product and business development, and is a professional Latin and Burlesque dancer, bikini bodybuilder, writer/published author, poet, fashion designer, artist, and fashion, fitness, and promotional model with a passion for entrepreneurship and mentoring.


Ashanti has a love of crystals and enjoys the positive effect they have on the mind, body and spirit, represented by angel number 333. In alignment with Ascended Master St. Germain, the Emerald Tablets from the Egyptian god Thoth, and the Rosicrucian elements of Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Kabbalah, she meditates daily utilizing the Sri Yantra, breathing techniques, grounding and deep stretching for an advanced metaphysical connection between Heaven and Earth. Through crystals and frequencies of divine harmonic resonance, Ashanti clears the noise of the material world to naturally ascend to higher realms of consciousness. The future Cygnus Crystal Castle and Meditation Museum invites visitors to join Ashanti in the quest for immortality as done by the ancients of antiquity.

*Photo Credit by Alex Matt Photography

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Proficient Mag: Wealth Witch & Dark Doll

As a lover of everything occult, esoteric, paranormal, and supernatural, Ashanti creates unique characters to express her transmutation process from darkness to light. The Wealth Witch & Dark Doll photo spread in Proficient Magazine captures the essence of her gothic glamour through fashion, make-up, and facial and body expression. She is also a published model in other alternative magazines such as XANY and Ignite.

The photos were inspired by other creative endeavors such as original spoken word poems promoting wealth, prosperity, and abundance attainment using the power of positivity on the Tik Tok application using the moniker Wealth Witch and a book in the making called The Dark Doll Gothic Diaries.

*Photo Credit by Alex Matt Photography

Proficient Magazine Wealth Witch & Dark Doll Magazine 2021.png

Burlesque Beauty

2021 Hubba Hubba Revue Juneteenth Show at the DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA

Performing as a featured dance act, Ashanti demonstrates her skills in flexibility, strength, and balance for patrons.

*Photo credits by James Courtney and Slyver_Flash Phototgraphy

Youtube Performance Video Link by Kenny Hoff

The Sacred Peach

My Secret to Immortality Science

Poetry readers can enjoy this creative manuscript on Amazon as an e-book for only $3.33 or in paperback for $13.33

Take an entertaining journey on the path to immortality with 33 poems in rhyme that discuss secret formulas and occult mysteries.

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